How to find Deadpool's secret base on Fortnite Season 2 map ?

Deadpool base location in season 2

Youtuber player Alistair 'Ali-A' Aiken recently discovered the location of Deadpool's secret base on Fortnite's Season 2 map.

Since Fortnite's season 2 update of Chapter 2, fans have new challenges to complete to get the exclusive Deadpool skin.

Deadpool is the latest character to appear in the Fortnite universe, born out of the collaboration with Marvel. He appeared briefly towards the end of the season 2 Battle Pass trailer.
Although the Deadpool skin is unlockable for Battle Pass holders (once a set of challenges are completed), the arrival of this character has also resulted in some map changes.

Youtuber Fortnite Ali-A revealed that the superhero's arrival also included the arrival of his secret base, which was spotted in the Battle Pass trailer.
It reveals that to find the secret base, players will have to travel to a new home introduced in the Season 2 update, on the outskirts of Weeping Woods.

The secret base is visible at 7:45 in the video


Once inside this new house, players will have to search for a shelf on the wall similar to the one in the Battle Pass trailer and interact with it to find the hidden entrance. After walking behind the shelf, players will find a hole in the floor that will lead them to the secret base. The hidden base may be necessary to complete some of the upcoming Deadpool challenges.

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