Fortnite : Eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries Week 3 Challenge

With patch 14.10, Iron Man arrived in Fortnite. You can find him at Stark Industries to complete the challenge !

When Fortnite Season 4 was first announced, Epic Games promised a wealth of Marvel themed content, including a number of powers based on various superheroes.

Inventor Tony Stark used his genius for cutting-edge technology to become Iron Man, the Avenger in Armor. Welcome to Stark Industries in Fortnite

Genius. Philanthropist. Billionaire. Tony Stark's pride is matched only by his innate talent for technology and business. Stark Industries, a technology powerhouse, is coming to Fortnite. Explore the famous complex for loot and maybe even meet a hero (or a villain)...

Northeast of Fortnite, everything has changed (or almost). The reason ? The arrival of a brand new town: Stark Industries. In this town is a boss: Iron Man (Tony Stark). When you manage to eliminate him, you get items that act as super-powers. 

But to get the super powers, you still need to know where to find Tony Stark ! In this article, you will be told where to find Iron Man to complete one of Fortnite's Week 3 challenges : "Eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries". 


Where is Iron Man in Fortnite ?

As is often the case, the bosses are located in the main building of the cities. The first thing to do before you want to eliminate Iron Man is to know where he is. As you might guess, the boss is at Stark Industries, a brand new city in the game. 

iron man location fortnite

It will not be easy to eliminate it, especially since it can very quickly inflict heavy damage. Equip yourself with a weapon before you hunt him down, so as not to be killed before eliminating him, his impulsive gloves being very dangerous. It is very often located on the second floor in the large, imposing building where the Stark Industries sign is posted.

It's still hard to know where Iron Man is in order to validate the challenge for the Battle Pass. All we can give you as a clue is to listen to the sounds. If you hear sounds of superpowers, you're not too far from Iron Man. But beware. This boss is really strong. 

How to eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries

You can see on the video above how dangerous Iron Man is, so be really careful. We almost advise you to wait until he attacks one of your opponents to eliminate him ! 

Three eliminations will be enough to validate the challenge and leave with the 50,000 XP.

If you like this new update, you will enjoy our Fortnite lamp collection, you will surely find your favorite skin or Marvel hero. 

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And if you can't defeat him, you can also try the new game mode : Marvel K.O with your friends or alone. 

Marvel K.O : Read all about the new Fortnite Battle Royale mode.

What is Marvel K.O mode ?

It is a new temporary mode from Fortnite that pits two teams of two or three players against each other in a tournament style match. The catch is that the players on each team only have access to the new superpowers that have been added.

Each player's power sets are random, although both teams have the same powers at their disposal. For example, if one team has a character with Iron Man gauntlets and the Silver Surfer board, a character on the other team will have the same configuration.

How do the sleeves work in Marvel K.O. mode ?

Each round has a certain number of points that teams must reach to win. Each kill counts for one point. If the number of points is not reached at the end of the allotted time, the team with the most points wins and moves on to the next round. If both teams are tied, they will both be eliminated from the tournament.

Currently, teams must go through four rounds to win the tournament. Although it doesn't seem like much, it is harder than you might think.
For this reason, it is recommended that players team up with players they know, rather than letting the game find a team for them. That way, you know what to expect from the other players.

Although the mode is difficult, it is also a lot of fun. Blowing up superheroes in a 2v2 or 3v3 frame may not be the norm for a game like Fortnite, but it's certainly a welcome addition.

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