Fortnite Saison 2 News : New map, new locations, challenges & much more

After the release of the second chapter, the Season 2 of Fortnite is now online : get ready for your first victory royal


In order to implement this update, the American studio Epic Games had to take its servers out of service for a maintenance that lasted 38 hours, which is an eternity for the game that is prized by millions of players every day.

Of course, the new season also brings many new features to the game, starting with a theme on espionage represented by a character named Brutus. A new actor who will obviously have his share of challenges allowing you to unlock a unique skin, to choose between Ghost and Shadow.


Named Top Secret, this new update 12.0 puts secret agents at the heart of the theme. Your missions, if you accept it, will allow you to unlock several skins for these agents, since you will have the choice between Ghost or Shadow versions, either a look with dark or light colors.


With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games has taken the opportunity to overhaul the Battle Pass system. The Battle Pass still costs 950 V Bucks and offers you the chance to take on many new missions to gain experience while playing (by eliminating enemies but also by engaging in many other activities such as searching for chests and completing various challenges).

Once you complete all of these challenges, you'll now be able to earn up to 1500 V Bucks, more than before! This will allow you to buy the Battle Pass for the next season, but also to treat yourself in the in-game shop by buying skins for your character.

You'll find new skins, emotes, new heroes named Meowscles, Midas or Maya. Also featured as part of a collaboration, a Deadpool skin will be added to Season 2, which you can wear while completing various missions.


We can see the addition of locations on the map, certainly related to the officers presented in the season 2 combat pass. There should be bases, which would explain the arrival of a location at sea, whether it's on the northwest or southwest side of the map.

There is the new locations you can find in the new patch :

The Agency :

New central location on the map.The Agency is a huge white building, luxurious and full of Agents, which you can eliminate. You will also find several scan boxes as well as telephone booths to disguise yourself as an Agent and be able to move around without being spotted. It also contains a safe requiring the capture of a map on the boss of The Agency, as well as a heliport, which is currently unused.

The Shark :

Located at the extreme north-western end of the map, this building is composed of multiple secret passages in the ventilation circuits allowing you to circulate without any problem. Eliminate the Agents in the building and open the scanning vaults as well as the basement safe to armour your arsenal. This place also contains multiple phone booths to disguise yourself.

You can also find some beautiful locations


You'll be able to blow up buildings (and opponents) with even more variety: the dynamite is back.
Also, according to the trailer, there will be new ways to move, including riding on a big missile KA-BOOM or on some very strange but very cut small inflatable animals.

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