Fortnite Season 4 : Black Panther and Spider-Man will join the Battle Royale ?

Spider-Man may well be the next Marvel superhero to enter Fortnite in the Nexus War crossover and join the island of the Battle Royale.

The world of Fortnite is currently enjoying one of the most important patches in its history with the arrival of Iron Man, Thor, Tornado, Wolverine and many others to the fine team of the Battle Royale. For the Nexus War event, Marvel and Fortnite have pushed the boundaries of crossover in Season 4.

Even if some emblematic Avengers such as Captain America are missing, this can be explained by the addition of a skin to his effigy during the National Holiday of July 4th in the USA.

Where is Spider-Man ? 

Another notable absence is Stan Lee's favorite superhero, Spider-Man. Peter Parker is one of Marvel's icons and it's strange not to have heard one of his jokes during this crossover.

Fans of the spider, rest assured, it seems that Spider-Man is well and truly about to enter the Battle Royale after the discovery by dataminers of several clues pointing in his direction.

Fortnite spiderman Spider-Man could be the next to join Fortnite's superheroes.

According to one of Fortnite's best-known players, HYPEX, and joined by ShiinaBR, one of Season 4's achievements indicates that Spider-Man will be joining the game's store later in the season. 

Shiina also suggests that Spider-Man could be joined by one of his greatest enemies, Carnage. Again, this one would arrive "later".

No specific date is given for Spider-Man (and potentially Carnage) to arrive in Fortnite. The question now is, who else could be added as the season progresses?

What other superheroes could join Fortnite ?

 The Marvel Cinematic Universe has no shortage of good guys and bad guys to add to the game and nothing says that Season 4 doesn't have more surprises in store for us. Some heavyweights like Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Bucky Barnes or Ant-Man come to mind.

Black Panther is also one of these possibilities. In fact, the King of Wakanda would be one of the most likely choices after the discovery of a point of interest in his honor to come in the game. There are also mysterious claw marks all over the map.

Black Panther joins the Battle Royale 

 Marvel fans still can't get over this Season 4 of Fortnite. Between the arrival of new superhero skins, the very likely arrival of Spider-Man and the powers to be obtained in game, everything seems perfect. 

fortnite black panther statue

"Black Panther" statue in memory to Chadwick Boseman.

According to a leak shared by HYPEX and quickly confirmed by iFireMonkey, a new location "PantherMonument" will be added to Fortnite "later in the season" as a mid-season event.

This Panther Monument should join the other point of interest already released with Season 4, the Fief of Doom. It replaces Pleasant Park during the crossover with Marvel.

The Fiefdom of Doom, as well as places like the "Sentinel Graveyard" and the new main menu, "The Helicarrier", were mentioned in the announcement of Season 4 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite.

When Epic unveiled the Marvel locations, they added that "more would come later".
Mid-season was also marked by another HYPEX leak that mentioned mysterious objects including the "Panther Rock". According to him, these new objects of Season 4 should be added during the 14.10 or 14.20 patches.

Will Black Panther get his skin in Fortnite ?

This leak inevitably leads to another question. Will players be able to get a Black Panther skin?

The most likely answer is yes. If for the moment, nothing has been found in the game code to confirm this information, when we know that Doom, in addition to his Fiefdom, has its own skin, and is a mini-boss, it would be surprising that this is not also the case for the King of Wakanda.

The possibility of a Black Panther skin for Season 4 brings us back to an old concept shared by "GoldSulftin" in March 2018. At the time, this skin already looked classy and it would now have its place in Fortnite ! 

Two new abilities have been added to the game. The 'Kinetic Absorption' and 'Whirlwind Blast' abilities both related to Black Panther.

If Black Panther may not yet have his skin confirmed, Spider-Man's skin seems to be in development. The leak of a challenge has confirmed that Spider-Man will be part of Season 4.

Until Epic Games confirms these theories or not, these are only rumors and leaks. So let's keep our fingers crossed that Spider-Man and Black Panther the King of Wakanda will join the fight and lend us their powers.

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