Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2: News, Battle Pass, Gameplay

Fortnite season 5 chapter 2

Season 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2 has just been launched and it brings a whole bunch of new features!

It was the not-to-be-missed event for all "Fornite" players. To end season 4 of the video game, an event featuring Galactus - one of the biggest villains in the Marvel universe - was held on Wednesday night. It brought together 15.3 million online gamers simultaneously from around the world. The event featured teaming up with Avengers and X-Men to fight the giant Galactus.

So this morning begins Zero Point, a new season featuring Agent Jones and the best hunters of all realities, including a certain Mandalorian whose recruitment would have cost a lot of money, which we are willing to believe. These hunters are accompanied by new places to fight like an ancient arena, a jungle and the crystalline sands that surround Zero Point. The new characters accept only one means of payment: gold bars!

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Get them by completing contracts and quests, eliminating players, or searching hiding places around the island. Then spend them on exotic weapons, upgrades, information, services and more.

Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 : Zero Point

So what does this season 5 called "Zero Point" have in store for "Fortnite" fans? From the start, the player will notice changes on the map: a desert, a mysterious area called Stealthy Stronghold surrounded by watchtowers, a fighting arena called Collosal Colliseum, new cities, crystalline sands and winks to Season 1.

Once on the desert part of the island, they will have to defeat the Mandalorian. The fight will probably not be easy. Once killed, the player will have in hand the Amban sniper rifle which has a thermal scope. It will also be possible to have a jetpack to take a little height, and make actions to aim his opponent with the rifle. Additional weapons will be unveiled during the season.

Fortnite season 5 Map

Gold bars

Another novelty: the appearance of gold bars that will allow to buy weapons or to hire a mercenary. In order to obtain these ingots, it will be necessary to first accept contracts and quests and kill enemies. At the end of a game, all ingots will be lost.

Another new feature is that several NPCs (non-player characters) have been dispatched to cities or points of interest. The player will be able to upgrade their weapons, buy new ones or even start a fight to the death.

Fortnite Gold bars

Walking under the sand

If you start the game and open the map for the first time, you will realize that the central part of the island has become a desert with the zero point exposed. By the way, there's no point in bothering to jump in it, apart from an animation, it doesn't do anything!

But what is more interesting is that if you stand still in the sand, you will be dragged under the ground where you will be able to move around. There will then only be a small bump that will betray your presence which will allow you to set traps.

To get out of the sand, you will have to use the jump key. Be careful though if you want to move discreetly, the floors and water will automatically make you get out of the ground! Finally, you can damage the elements of the scenery by gaining speed.

Fortnite Season 5 sand

A new way of moving around

You will notice quite quickly that on this desert expanse, pink crystals have also appeared and that it is possible to destroy them. Once this is done, one or more consumables will appear on the ground. If you use them, you will be able to make dashs for about ten seconds!

To do them, you will only have to quickly press the jump key twice. Be careful, there is still a cooldown of about 1 second between two dashes to prevent you from abusing them. This is still a great way to move quickly.

fortnite season 5 dash

Skins season 5 Fortnite, the Marvel skins of the patch 15.00

With each new Fortnite update, data miner take the opportunity to go through the game's files and find out what's new in the future. Among these are always new skins, which are usually the next skins to be released in the game.

For Season 5, the skins are varied, with Star Wars, but also Christmas skins and a skin in a very different style from Fortnite: a Japanese style!

Fortnite Season 5 skins

New Weapons

At the launch of Season 5 maintenance, Epic Games published a Season 5 overview article, explaining some of the new features to come in this brand new season. Among these new features are the new weapons of this patch, which are six in number, according to the official visual:

Fortnite season 5 weapons

 Some weapons are known, others a little less. Some weapons will make a comeback, as will some items starting with the Jetpack; it could be used in some modes but not in the Battle Royale : 

- Boom's sniper rifle
- Mandalorian's jetpack
- Dragon's breath shotgun
- Amaban sniper rifle
- Shadow Tracker
- The Dub



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