The sucess of Fortnite : the most famous Battle Royale game

Fortnite is a game developed and created by Epic Games. Launched in 2017, it quickly became the world's most popular video game, surpassing the 350 million registered players in 2020.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite can be played in three different modes. In Fortnite: Save the World, teams of four players from different classes - builder, adventurer, ninja and soldier - team up to survive in a post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies.

In Fortnite Creative, players are invited to express their creativity to build maps, buildings, objects and challenges.

Finally, in Fortnite Battle Royale, the principle is simple: 100 players parachute onto a map (the only card in the game) and must find weapons and then use them to eliminate all the other players and the last survivor wins the game.It is with this free Battle Royale version that Fortnite has become an extraordinary success and a worldwide phenomenon.

What is the difference with other games?

Contrary to all the big video games of the moment which are more and more graphically realistic, Fornite breaks the trend by offering a cartoon and fun universe (players jump from a flying bus with glider for example). A universe that appeals especially to young players.

The Battle Royale game mode is now Fortnite's signature and differs from other shooting games in which there are often two team members fighting against each other.

Available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC and even some phones and tablets, Fornite is truly accessible to everyone. And for some time now it's been one of the only games that allows all consoles to play with each other, so we can play with our friends no matter which console we're playing.

A TRUE "free to play"

There is now a lot of free to play, but many of these games make up for it with built-in options that require players to pay if they want to advance or or improve their playing comfort. These games are called pay to win, like Candy crush or even FIFA in recent years.

Fortnite is a REAL free to play game in which you don't have to spend any money to improve. This reassures players who don't feel cheated and have more fun playing.

But how do they make money?

Quite simply, thanks to their item store where you can buy totally optional game items. This online store offers new items every 24 hours. So there's a good chance that at least one item will appeal to every player. And the feeling after purchase is less guilt provoking because it really comes from the player and not from an obligation.

Every three months, the game also offers a new "Battle Pass" for 10$ or 950 V-Bucks for the Standard Battle Pass and 25$ or 2800 V-Bucks for the second option where you get the first 25 tiers of the Battle Pass unlocked. Buying the Battle Pass once can earn you up to 1500 V-bucks just by playing. A pass that incites to play more to unlock more items and V-Bucks (money in fortnite) that will allow the player to buy the next Battle Pass.

Fortnite LampsTake a look at our Fortnite Lamp collection, you're bound to find one of your favorite skins. 

Other expenses have no impact on the course of the game and consist mainly of the purchase of cosmetic and aesthetic items. For example, players regularly spend a few dozen dollars on skins (digital costumes), accessories, and the famous celebration dances popularized by professional athletes.

Some skins are very rare, available for a limited time, and collected by players who sometimes accumulate several hundreds or thousands of dollars of purchases to differentiate themselves from the others.

Fortnite: more than just a "trendy game".

Since the beginning of its success, players have been saying that Fornite was just going to be a fad, but the game's developers have responded to this threat. They developed the game's e-sport scene with frequent tournaments, including the famous $1 million prize pool tournament. There are also several small tournaments available to everyone with small rewards such as game items or V-bucks.

With a young and very active community, Epic games is in the care of its users, the American developer takes into account the opinions of the community to correct the bugs of its game. The Open innovation implemented through the understanding of consumers and the support of the game's ambassadors creates a strong customer relationship. Users contribute to improving the game by reporting bugs, submitting their ideas, and thinking about the interface. Marketing occupies a cross-functional role, and must define the customer relationship strategy and processes applicable, in this case for the video game sector.

Fortnite Events

Events in Fortnite bring something new to the game and are only available for a limited time. This includes new challenges, cosmetics, items and even the intervention of famous people who organize a show such as a concert as seen for Travis Scott answering the theme of the event.

What makes the events even more exciting is the inclusion of new challenges and rewards in the game! Unlike Battle Pass challenges, they are available to everyone, but are limited to the duration of the event.

Here is a list of some popular game events: 

Wick's Bounty – Fortnite x John Wick

Fortnite John Wick EventIt's time to prove that you're not missing any of your targets in the new Wick's Bounty event. Take on challenges to earn unique rewards tailored to a master assassin.

Droptown Drop – Fortnite x Michael Jordan

Fortnite Jordan EventThe 3rd collaboration of season 9 brings together Basketball and Battle Royale in an unexpected combination. You will find exclusive skins.

Horde Rush Event

Fortnite Horde RushFight the Horde, take on challenges and win exclusive rewards in the new Horde Rush! Can you survive or will you be overwhelmed?

The secret of success: Influencers!

A lot of influencers have been surfing on Fortnite's success and have been able to build a big audience by offering content on Youtube and Twitch. Ninja being the most famous with more than 20 million subscribers on Youtube in 1 year of Fortnite. He also played and broadcasted his games with Drake, Travis Scott and many other celebrities which gave a bigger buzz to the game.

Other professional gamers broadcast the game for free, amplifying the positive buzz around the game, which broke the annual revenue record for a video game with $2.4 billion in 2018. While Fortnite would have lost 38 percent in profitability since the beginning of 2019, it remains the number one console game, and would have earned more than $4 billion in two years, reaching 250 million players. Even Netflix mentions in its business report that its main competitor in the attention economy is Fortnite.

Fortnite Hoodies
There are hundreds to thousands of influencers around the world who live by creating content on Fortnite and participating in the tournaments the game offers. These influencers make young gamers dream because they are proof that you can make a living playing video games.

Today, Fortnite has lost many players after the conflicts with Apple and Android, however, it remains one of the most active games both in game and on Twitch even after the arrival of its direct competitor: Call of Duty Warzone. Its main strength is that the game very often renews itself with new collaborations and brings together fans from all over the world, we have seen it with its collaboration with Disney (Batman, Star Wars, Marvel etc..), the end of season 4 Nexus War is approaching and fans are eager to see what the next theme of the next season will be.

If you want to know more about Fortnite, you can always check out this  Fortnite blog for beginners which will give you tips about the game. 

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