Fortnite Plush

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      5 products

      Discover our collection of Fortnite plushies derived to the universe of Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save The World. Our plush toys are available in several sizes (25cm to 55 cm) and are ideal to decorate your room and bring tenderness in your home.

      The Fortnite llama plush is available in 2 different designs, the original llama which is Fortnite's mascot, and the christmas llama with its Christmas design from the Winterfest event.

      Fortnite plush toys has a supportive role : it will reassure the child and soothe him/her when it's time to sleep, for the night or for a nap. However, plushies are not especially made for children, even adults can use them to find the comfort and serenity they need. Do what you like. Some people use their Fortnite plushies as a support or pillow, even if it is not its main use, it is important to note that our Fortnite plush are made with cotton and they are very soft.

      The plush is also a real support in case of worries or to find some peace and quiet in your room, since our plush is addressed to all Fortnite fans, you will have more energy to do a better performance in the game.

      It's also one of the cutest gifts to give to your friends or family, it's a nice proof of love and friendship because we would all dream of having a little Fortnite llama plush in our room.

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