Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black

Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black

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Upgrade your mornings with the Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black – a sleek fusion of gaming style and precision timekeeping

🚀 Unleash the Fortnite Fury: The All Black Cube Alarm Clock ⏰🌑

Dive into the gaming vortex with the Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black – a cube-shaped marvel that brings the essence of Fortnite to your bedside. This detailed exploration unveils the clock's chic design, robust build, the iconic Fortnite logo, and its customizable alarm settings – the ultimate wake-up call for Fortnite fanatics!


Behold the sleekness of the Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black, a cubic timepiece that stands tall, ready to conquer any bedside or gaming setup. 🕹️ Crafted with a matte black finish, this clock is a stealthy masterpiece, seamlessly blending into your space. The iconic Fortnite logo on the front face adds a touch of gaming elegance, making it a must-have for any Fortnite enthusiast.


Built to endure the dynamic life of a gamer, the Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black is a fortress of durability. 💪 With a robust exterior that laughs in the face of knocks and bumps, this clock is a resilient companion for your daily adventures. Inside, precision engineering ensures accurate timekeeping, standing up to the rigors of your fast-paced lifestyle.


More than just a pretty face, the Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black excels in functionality. 🚀 Setting the alarm is a breeze, ensuring even the groggiest gamers wake up on time. Customize your wake-up experience with a range of alarm tones, from classic beeps to Fortnite-themed sounds. Personalize your morning routine and set the tone for a day filled with gaming triumphs!


Light up your gaming den with the Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black's subtle illumination. 🌟 LED lights strategically placed ensure you can check the time even in the dimmest environments. Enjoy a soft glow that strikes the perfect balance between visibility and a calming ambiance.


In a nutshell, the Fortnite Alarm Clock All Black is not just a timekeeper – it's a gaming talisman, a symbol of resilience, and your trusty sidekick for conquering each day. From its captivating cubic design to its customizable alarm settings, this clock is a testament to the Fortnite culture. Start and conquer each day in true Fortnite style with the All Black Cube Alarm Clock. ⚡🌌

  • Type of product : Fortnite LED Alarm Clock ⏰
  • Fortnite Alarm Clock design : Many Fortnite Characters Save the World
  • Source : Fortnite Battle Royale 
  • Functions : Alarm clock, clock, date of the day, day of the week, temperature, LED light
  • Light source : High quality LED with low power consumption.
  • Colors of the LED light : Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, White ...
  • Power Modes: USB cable (included) or AAA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 8 x 8 x 8cm
  • This product is commonly used for : Decoration, Clock, Thermometer, Night light, Mood light, Gift, Birthday, Christmas