Fortnite Wallet Peely
Wallet Fortnite Peely
Fortnite Wallet Peely
Wallet Fortnite Peely

Fortnite Wallet Peely

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Get this exclusive and cool Fortnite Wallet Peely - the perfect accessory to keep your money safe and secure while you’re on the go!

Peely is a beloved character in the Fortnite video game, known for its distinctive and whimsical appearance. Standing at approximately 1400 characters tall, Peely is a humanoid banana with a cheerful and playful demeanor.

The main characteristic of Peely is its vibrant yellow skin, resembling a ripe banana. Its body is smooth and curved, resembling the shape of an actual banana. Peely's facial features include two large and expressive eyes, brimming with personality, and a wide smile that exudes a sense of joy and mischievousness.

To enhance its style, Peely is often seen wearing various accessories. One of the most iconic is a top hat adorned with a green band, adding a touch of class and charm to its overall look. Additionally, Peely dons a red bow tie around its neck, giving it a sophisticated and polished appearance.

Peely's arms and legs are long and slender, allowing it to move with agility and grace. Its agile movements make it a formidable presence in the game's intense battles and challenges. Despite its seemingly fragile appearance, Peely possesses resilience and determination, embodying the idea that even the most unassuming characters can be powerful and impactful.

This character has gained immense popularity within the Fortnite community and has become a symbol of fun and lightheartedness. Players often express their creativity by customizing Peely with different outfits and accessories, further personalizing their gameplay experience.

Peely's presence in Fortnite adds an element of humor and joy to the game's competitive atmosphere. Its playful nature and distinctive design make it a beloved and memorable character, adored by players of all ages. Whether on the battlefield or in the game's social spaces, Peely never fails to bring a smile to the faces of those who encounter it.

  • Type of product: Fortnite Wallet
  • Design: Peely
  • Size: 12 x 10 x 1.5cm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Type of printing: High quality printing 
  • Materials: Artificial Leather / Synthetic Leather 
  • Size of the wallet: Width : 11.5cm, Height : 9cm, Thickness : 1cm
  • This product is commonly used for: Gift, Christmas, Birthday, Fortnite wallet for keep your money, credit card or documents.